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How it Works:
Empyre 150: Heats1500 sq. ft
Empyre 250: Heats 4,000 sq ft
Empyre 450: Heats 8,000 sq ft
Empyre 650: Heats 12,000 sq ft
250MS Coal Stove:Heats 4,000 sq ft
Choice of 3 Metals: Boiler Plate, 409S/S, 304S/S
Corn Burner : Pelco
Corn Burner Pictures: Pelco

Price List:

Parts and Supplies: Pex pipe,pumps,heat exchangers,etc

Brunco Wood/Coal Inside Furnace: NEW

Empyre Outside Wood or coal Stove

1232 Old 22
Lenhartsville, Pa 19534
United States

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EMPYRE Outside Wood Stoves

How does the EMPYRE work? The EMPYRE is a non-pressurized system eliminating any danger of explosion. The EMPYRE heats the water surrounding the fire chamber. The water is thermostatically controlled by setting the aquastat temperature setting at the desired water temperature. Pumps then circulate the hot water from the furnace to the buildings, and back to the furnace to be reheated. You can use a 3/4" - 1" pipe between the furnace and the buildings. To distribute heat in a house or shop, you can choose from a variety of water to air heat exchangers. If you have an existing furnace with duct work already installed in the house you can simply install a square heat exchanger to let your current duct work do its work. Adapts to your hot water baseboard, radiant floor heat,or duct work.

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